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Culture Change

Culture ChangeCreate a top performing company by changing the way you do business through your people, not in spite of them.

Great companies are the product of great cultures. Every company has a culture; some are dynamic, some are dull, some can even be deadly.

From the time TMI developed its ground breaking cultural change program, Putting People First®, over 20 years ago, we have been at the forefront of effective organisational change.

Let us show you how to:

  • Connect your people with business strategy
  • Align your service delivery with your brand
  • Build commitment through inspired communications
  • Make behaviours instinctive through applied learning
  • Develop capability for improved performance
  • Implement processes for measurement and renewal

How do we do it?

Experience shows that too often the approach is top down with companies developing mission, vision and value statements and assuming employees will get on with it. And here in lies the problem! Sustained impact is not achieved simply by pronouncement. Similarly, when a specific human-factor weakness is identified, often a generic "training" programme is pulled out off the shelf and used to "motivate" people or "teach them skills".

But, if you want to create an exciting company culture that has real and sustained improvement, ask these questions about the proposed solution:

  1. Has it been coherently derived from, and integrated with, the business' core strategy?
  2. Is it an engaging and intelligent approach that truly inspires?
  3. How does it maintain and support the change process after the initial intervention?

Real culture change doesn't result from one-off dramatic events. Change takes place slowly inside each individual by the choices they think through and is evidenced in small, day-to-day activities of our work.

So exciting company cultures are created from the inside out and, only when each individual focuses on the present and becomes a living example of the organisation we wish to create, will the larger process begin.

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