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Creating a High Performance Culture – Strategy Deployment

An overwhelming number of company leaders are often frustrated that they spend huge amounts of time, effort and money on creating a strategic vision and plan that more often than not does not achieve what it set out to do.

What is Strategy Deployment?

Strategy Deployment has its origins in lean thinking. However, how we use lean concepts is as a way of growth and organisational development. It is an holistic approach that engages the entire organisation to focus upon a concept of continual improvement. It links the three-year vision to tangible objectives which are measured and actioned. It is said “Every road leads to Rome”; with Strategic Deployment, every road, every action, every activity and behaviour within the organisation leads to the ultimate goal or organisational vision.

Why does Strategy Deployment work?

Strategy Deployment works because of a number of factors:

  • Strategy Deployment begins with an organisational review of what is possible in each area of the business and then sets breakthrough objectives
  • Strategy Deployment ensures that the staff and leadership are the drivers of creating these objectives
  • Strategy Deployment ensures that each objective is broken down into achievable goals
  • Strategy Deployment involves all the key stakeholders in determining how performance gaps will be bridged
  • Strategy Deployment sets KPIs and action plans specifically targeted to achieving these performance gaps… and nothing else
  • Strategy Deployment maintains focus throughout the whole organisation and ensures that everyone is on the same page

How do we do it?


TMI believes that before we set action plans in place, we need to ensure the right culture is in place. The process works with the different management tiers within the organisations to ensure that there is a “burning platform” or a deep understanding as to why the process is so vital to the organisation’s future. We also engage with all the leadership and their direct reports to involve them in the process and to have everyone know what their role is in creating this vision. Everyone becomes part of the Strategic Deployment process. A leadership program is also in place to provide leadership with the skills needed to get the best out of their people. Leaders can then provide focussed operational reviews with their staff around improvements and assist them in the road to continual improvement.

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