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Working with the Generations

generationsToday’s workplaces are becoming increasingly multi-generational. As a consequence, “Making Generations X, Y & Zoomers Happy at Work” is emerging as an important and critical factor for success.   We need to add “generational awareness” to our skill set and be able to understand and appreciate different generations’ attitudes, values and preferences. We need to improve our relationships and increase the effectiveness of our communication with the different generations in and beyond the workplace.

Leaders must be adaptable to the differences between Generations X, Y & Zoomers and must develop the competence of “multi-generational agility”.

Understanding Generations X, Y & Zoomer

The First Step Starts With A Good Understanding…
We want to focus on the positive aspects of each Generation and look at ways we can build on the strengths of each generation to increase innovation. This information is not about putting people into categories or boxes. It is about increasing awareness of each of the Generations different values and how to adapt to them so that we can all work together better. We are learning from the eras of each of these Generations and how their values are shaped by the era’s they were influenced by.

Understanding the Generations at Work:

  • How to focus on the strengths of each of the Generations
  • What are the opportunities as a result of this new knowledge?
  • How can you use this new awareness be used to increase collaboration?
  • What are you willing to learn/do differently?

Communicating with Generations X, Y & Zoomer

Communication Is The Key!
Imagine a workplace where everyone appreciates the diversity of attitudes, thinking and ideas. Imagine that everyone is appreciative of the different viewpoints- we may not always agree but our focus is on innovation and moving the business forward. Because of this we are each willing to grow and learn and innovate. Imagine that workplace could be yours!

Communication rules are changing, one Generation thinks that face-to-face communication is the best, one prefers email and one prefers text messaging. In this course you will learn who, why, and what you can adapt to eliminate frustrations and achieve results like you have never seen before.

There are many courses on the topic of Communication but there are few on how to communicate with people based on their Generation or their Generational attitude. Once you have mastered this skill, especially if you are in a leadership role, you will have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Leading Generations X, Y & Zoomer

Empowering leaders to maximise the team’s effectiveness!
Some of the realities of today’s workplace include the fact that; 1.) Organizations need to restructure the way people work such as hours, flex work, work from home etc. 2.) Technology will continue to take over tasks that were primarily done by people and 3.) Leaders need to learn to lead in a ‘new world’ of rotating staff, consistent training and the on-going importance of motivation and opportunities.

The importance of developing exceptional leaders is more of a priority today than ever before and will continue to be from now on. Companies that truly want to achieve their targets and grow in any market condition need to have leaders who invest in their on-going development to attain leadership mastery.

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