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Customer Experience Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Experience Mapping (also known as Customer Journey Mapping) is a specialised function and our company EpiCentrum is focussed on that area. Find out more about Customer Journey Mapping services...


  • Understanding what happens to your customers through a journey in real time.
  • Visual Map of what happens at each touchpoint in that journey in terms of:
    • Emotional Value
    • Functional Value

Customer Journey Map


  • Collate data into a report that indicates specific areas that require attention
  • Is there any further information we need to gather to understand more clearly what needs to occur
  • Identify key focus areas

Customer Journey Mapping


  • Solution is creating through a collaboration of front line service providers together with customers
  • Focus on specific areas that require resolution in order to provide the desired customer experience
  • Prioritisation of key "pain points" occurs, and deep dive into why things occur that are not customer focussed.

Customer Journey

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