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Net Promoter Score is a specialised function and our company EpiCentrum is focussed on that area. Find out more about Survey services...

SurveysComplaints Culture Survey

  • Since 1999 TMI has been conducting research into complaints handling via a syndicated national survey. 
  • Involvement in the survey offers organisations the opportunity to gain in-depth, unbiased information about how their service recovery attitudes and processes compare with other companies in similar fields, as well national best practice.
  • For the 2005 survey a total of 3245 employees from some 25 organisations participated. 
  • As in 2001, this year's survey will drawing on TMI's global presence in order to provide clients with an international perspective and benchmarks.  Plus, for the first time, we will be offering participants the opportunity to survey their customer base, in addition to the usual employee feedback.

More information about participating in this year's survey… pdf
TMI/SOCAP Complaint Culture Survey 2005 National Report… pdf

The Effective Workplace™

The Effective Workplace Survey™ is a tool to assess individual, team and organisational effectiveness.  Similar in methodology to our well regarded Complaints Culture Survey this survey collects employee and management perceptions across nine key areas:

  • Understanding Strategic Goals
  • Making Goal-Based Decisions
  • Personal Planning
  • Results Orientation
  • Systems and Processes
  • Managing Email
  • Internal Support
  • Meeting Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness 

More information on The Effective workplace … pdf

Growth Culture Audit

TMI Growth Culture Audit addresses factors like:

  • Basic Attitudes Towards Customers
  • Customer Knowledge
  • Leadership Behaviour
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Working Together

Please call 03 9602 3500 or email TMI for more information about this customised survey.

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