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Leadership Assessment, Coaching and Development

Leadership DevelopmentTrue leadership is not a right gained through a position, election or appointment; a true leader has a place, not a position; a mission, not a job; and true leaders make an impact, not an impression.

TMI offers a wide range of leadership workshops and masterclasses to develop the senior tier.

In addition TMI help clients to understand their current leadership capability through leading-edge benchmarking and assessment work.

Appreciative Leadership

TMI utilises the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in our development work with leaders and aspiring leaders. We support leaders to develop their leadership skills to a new level, to build on existing strengths and competencies to fully engage their team. Through positive enquiry and open dialogue leaders can inspire and motivate to create a team ready to work together and achieve results.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

No executive is born perfect, rather the truly successful ones seek to understand their areas of weakness and ask for assistance from others to develop additional skills.

TMI offer personalised, one-on-one coaching programs for all levels of management.  These programs are designed to build self-awareness and broaden leadership capability, importantly in a strategic business context.

While each coaching process is individually tailored, a typical program might include:

  • Energising face-to-face sessions to assess competency levels
  • Completion of structured personal & peer assessments where applicable
  • Building of a unique development plan
  • Monitoring of progress and ongoing support

With TMI know also that you'll be working with people who have been senior executives themselves and who understand the practicalities and demands of business. We're real people offering sometimes challenging, but always practical advice.

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Leadership Case Studies

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