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Implementing Cultural Change at Selleys (part of the Orica group)


Selleys Australia is a hardware and automotive manufacturer and supplier that has been able to add real value - along with a multi million dollar return - by creating and activating a successfully branded "Selleys Experience" for retail customers and end users.

The Problem

Selleys was:

  • Experiencing a downturn in customer service rankings among their major retail customers;
  • Losing multi millions a year with unfilled orders;
  • Profitable, but not achieving the returns that were possible;
  • Needed more customer focus all the way from the factory floor through distribution and planning, to sales and marketing.

The Solution

  • A high performance culture was created that recognises customer service is not solely the domain of the front line service staff;
  • Systems and processes were reviewed with an in depth look at the cultural aspects that were holding back the potential of people to make a difference;
  • A link was made to the strategy of the business and the culture of the company in practical ways that supported Orica's values;
  • Coaching skills were developed that allowed empowered staff to seek their own solutions at all levels to release the blockages;
  • Company wide "Selley's Experience" workshops were conducted for all 300 plus staff.  These provided the inspiration to challenge "the way things are done around here" and to seek ways to improve the customer experience;
  • A series of Customer First Teams were established to call on input from all levels of Selleys for practical solutions to the barriers to outstanding service.

 The Outcomes

  • Improved DIFOT (Delivery in full, on time) from an average to an outstanding level;
  • Additional sales of up to 10% per month as unfilled customer orders reduced to negligible levels;
  • The factory is now regularly operating with no stock shortage to restrict production runs compared to the previous situation where problems were experienced everyday;
  • When a significant upgrade to a factory plant resulted in redundancies, the improved culture allowed for a smooth transition;
  • Selleys won the Danks Hardware and Mitre 10 Supplier of the Year awards.

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