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2008 TMIUS Receives Best of Las Vegas Award

TMIUS has been selected for the 2008 Best of Las Vegas Award in the Training Programs Services category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).
The USLBA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the United States. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.
Various sources of information were gathered and analysed to choose the winners in each category. The 2008 USLBA Award Program focused on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USLBA and data provided by third parties.

2008 TMI Romania Awarded Training Company of the Year

Based on a survey among 400 HR specialists, TMI Romania was awarded Training Company of the Year at the Business-Edu Awards Gala that took place on the 29th of February.

2008 TMI World Professional of the Year

TMI Australia’s Ria dela Cruz was a finalist in the TMI World Professional of the Year. Ria has been instrumental in TMI’s success over the past three years. She provides fully reliable consultant support, also managing technical aspects of the survey business. She’s also made major improvements to TMI’s invoicing and project management systems. As evidenced by countless testimonials from clients and team members alike, Ria proactively manages complex situations, providing exceptional customer service internally and externally – truly living the TMI Brand.

2007 Consultant of the Year, Portugal

Ricardo Vargas Principal TMI Portugal named Consultant of the Year in Portugal by the Consultants Association of Portugal.
TMI Italy in conjunction with the Italian Stock Exchange establish the Intellectual Capital Award for the organisation who contributes most during the year to building intellectual capital in their organisation

2003 TMI named Superbrand

2003 - Time Manager International has been named B2B Superbrand as one of the 224 strongest brands in Denmark. The nomination was made by Superbrands Denmark, which is part of an international organisation aiming to promote the discipline of branding and to name and honour the strongest brands in the individual market. The chosen B2B Superbrands are characterised by having achieved the best reputation within their field. They offer customers a product of the finest quality with significant emotional values over their competitors. This is what customers want, recognise and trust.

1997 TMI Italy Member of ASFOR

1997 - TMI Italy was appointed a member of ASFOR, the exclusive association for management training and education. ASFOR's members are the most important Italian management schools and universities offering the MBA education.

1994 All India Management Association Confers Honorary Fellowship on Claus Møller

1994 - At the All India Management Association's 21st National Management Convention, "Human Dimensions of Liberalisation: The Task Ahead", held in Calcutta on September 26-27 1994, Claus Møller and Sir Colin Marshall were the two main speakers. On this occasion, Honorary Fellowships of the All India Management Association were conferred on Claus Møller and Sir Colin Marshall at a special ceremony.

1990 Claus Møller named Guru in British Government Book

1990 - In a Department of Trade and Industry booklet about Quality Gurus, Claus Møller is the only European mentioned in this distinguished company. In the publication, "The Quality Gurus - What can they do for your Company?", British professor Tony Bendell of Nottingham Polytechnic briefly describes the most important contributors to modern quality thinking. All the best names are featured in the book: Deming, Juran, Chingo, Crosby, Feigenbaum, Ishikawa, Taguchi - and Claus Møller. The publication came out at a time when TMI UK had just finished packaging the Quality programme as a total process.

1990 First New Zealand Quality Award to ICI Paints

1990 - After a series of PPF programmes, followed by a specially tailored Leadership Workshop for all managers of ICI Paints of New Zealand, the company won the first New Zealand Quality Award. ICI Paints publicly acknowledge this to the contribution made by the TMI training.

1990 National Quality Award to American Express

1990 - When American Express in Mexico won the National Quality Award in 1990, they attributed much of their success to the TMI PPF courses.

1989 TMI UK Wins West Midlands Business of the Year Prize

1989 - In 1989, TMI UK won the West Midlands Business of the Year Award. The TMI UK team was presented with a trophy at a luncheon hosted by the Confederation of British Industry, Price Waterhouse and the Birmingham Post.
This award is not just for training companies, but TMI UK competed against all businesses judged on the criteria of product innovation, marketing, productivity and meeting challenges.

1988 (and 1994) Credit by Sir Colin Marshall of British Airways to TMI

1988 - After British Airways won the award for Best Passenger Service in 1988, Sir Colin Marshall, CEO of BA, stated: "Many factors have contributed to our success, but the spearhead was the “Putting People First” programme run for us by Time Manager International”.
On the 21st National Management Convention "Human Dimensions of Liberalisation: The Task Ahead", held in Calcutta on September 26-27, 1994, Sir Colin Marshall, CEO of British Airways and Claus Møller were the two main speakers. In his 30-minute speech, Sir Colin spoke about the success of British Airways and mentioned in detail how TMI and the PPF programme were major factors in the success achieved by British Airways.

1988 TMI Europe's Number One

1988 - TMI was rated Europe's leading company in training and education by the European Services Industries Forum (ESIF) in a report to the EC Commission released in July 1988.

1984 TMI Wins Prize for Good Marketing

1984 - In 1984, TMI won a prize for good marketing, awarded by The Danish Marketing Federation. This was celebrated on May 16 in the Falkonér Centre in Copenhagen.

1982 - Danish Export Prize to TMI

1982 - In 1982, the Danish Export Prize was awarded to Time Manager International by one of the leading Danish banks, Den Danske Provinsbank, for its contributions to Danish exports. The prize was accompanied by a diploma, which was presented by the chairman of the board of Provinsbanken at a ceremony, where the bank gave the following grounds for awarding the prize: "Time Manager International is an excellent example of a good idea, marketed cleverly, turning into a sales success, not just in the home market, but all over the world. "It is a genuine example of the sale know-how of high value to the Danish economy, because this type of export provides net funds". The prize of DKK 75,000 was saved in a fund for the benefit of TMI's employees, primarily for educational purposes.

1980 Senior Service Prize to Anne Boegelund-Jensen

1980 - In 1980, the Danish Senior Service Price was awarded to TMI Chief Instructor Anne Boegelund-Jensen for her efforts to promote the idea, in writing, lectures and as a learning consultant, that "good brains, when used, improve with advancing years because they grow stronger in knowledge and experience". Senior Service is an association of experienced executives with the object of "offering business managers new opportunities through temporary assignments".

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