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Time Manager International, TMI, was founded in Denmark by Claus Møller in 1975. The company has been operational in Australia since 1983 and under the stewardship of Ralph Simpfendorfer since 1991.

TMI has changed the relationship between many service providers and their customers - our training and communication methods helped SAS (15,000 people trained) and British Airways (36,500 people trained), transform their service and profit performance in the 1980's. In the 1990's TMI evolved into a consultancy inspiring and enabling culture change - working with people to translate vision, purpose, core values, brand values & personality into sustained new ways of thinking, acting and behaving.

Since 2000, organisations like Orica Mining Services, Unilever and Foxtel have sought our help to increase the relevance and resonance of their service 'offer' for their target customers and to gain ground on their rivals.

Key company milestones:


ON-Brand Customer Experience Transformation becomes a reality with numerous clients around the world including ANZ and HSBC


In 2004, the company embarked on the mission of helping organisation's differentiate themselves by better aligning staff behaviours with marketing strategy.  The book Branded Customer Service ~ The New Competitive Edge by Janelle Barlow (TMI USA) and Paul Stewart (TMI NZ) forms a key platform for much of this work.


In 2002 TMI in Australia assumed global leadership for adapting the TMI Time Manager philosophies to Microsoft Outlook.  Our first book in this area was published later that year and a training program implemented throughout the world.


TMI's Heart Work concept, was launched in 1999, making the company a major player in the corporate application of Emotional Intelligence (EI). 1999 also saw the completion of the first Complaints Culture Survey.


The groundbreaking book, A Complaint is a Gift ~ Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool was published by TMI directors Janelle Barlow and Claus Møller in 1996.  The following year saw the beginning of TMI's acclaimed complaints management training programs.


The Employeeship concept was launched in 1992. In plain terms, Employeeship is what it takes to be a good employee.  Most management theories concentrate on what it takes to be a good manager, placing the responsibility for both success and failure on the manager's shoulders and overlooking the importance of the contribution everybody else in the organisation makes.


TMI itself achieved international recognition for its quality concept, The Human Side of Quality, which was launched in 1988.


In the early 80's another cornerstone of TMI's success was laid down: the Putting People First (PPF) program, an exceptional Service Management program that has received many accolades and helped organisations from a wide variety of industries create remarkable results and gain much recognition in the service arena.


The first product launched by TMI was the Time Manager®, a goal-based productivity planning tool encompassing a unique philosophy.  While many imitations now exist, Time Manager® was the first in the world of its kind.

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