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Implementing a 'rich, desirable' brand at Toyota Europe

The Problem

A key strategic priority for this major global car manufacturer and distributor has been to develop and implement a rich, desirable brand that would help to increase its market share amongst an ambitious new target.

This project was more than just a question of changing the company's logo, stationary and developing a new advertising campaign. Comprised of national and local companies of varying size and style, many only concerned with doing things their way, Toyota realised that they needed to change and build a common view at the most fundamental level.

The Solution

Extensive and detailed investigations by TMI formed the basis of a four-phase, pan-European business development strategy covering a 2-year period. The strategy involved both workshops and working conferences, together with on-site-consulting, toolkit design, one-to-one interviews and focus group meetings which involved all employees, including distributors and dealers.

The Outcomes

As a result of the partnership with Toyota the following results were achieved:

  • The brand has been successfully launched across Europe and a consistent visual identity has been implemented
  • The company possesses a network of over 50 trained brand champions equipped with a range of leading edge implementation tools who today consult regularly to share best practice and monitor alignment as the process develops 'inside out.'

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