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Läkargruppen,Örebro, Private Hospital


TMI has run a number of training and education sessions for Läkargruppen in Örebro, a hospital, which is 91 percent owned by the private investment company Bure and 9 percent by the community's health care. The focus has been on improving communication with patients and increasing the service level, among other things by reducing the time patients spend waiting to see their doctor.

The Problem

When Peter Seger, CEO of Läkargruppen, approached TMI, it was in order to have an external mediator inform and train the staff. The difference between doctors, nurses and other employees makes it much more effective for an external mediator to communicate and inspire. This was crucial to the management in order to get a buy-in from all employees in achieving the objective of improving the operative efficiency in general, of improving the service level, cutting down on the time patients spent waiting and turning patients into goodwill ambassadors for the hospital.

The Solution

TMI started by running "A Complaint is a Gift" seminars for the entire staff, around 80 people. This was followed by an Employeeship process, preceded by an Energy Meter survey.

The Outcomes

Teamwork has improved, as everybody feels responsible for the atmosphere and the welcoming environment, not only the reception staff, but also doctors and nurses. Whilst patients traditionally still spend as much as 30 minutes each at other health care units, 99 percent of patients at Läkargruppen in Örebro have to wait for less than a quarter of an hour to see their doctor. Since patients at Läkargruppen are very satisfied with the hospital, this seems to have an effect on the publicly owned health care institutions, which try to emulate the success of Läkargruppen.

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