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Haugen-Gruppen Denmark


In the wake of an amalgamation, Haugen-Gruppen Denmark ran into a number of challenges, both financial and HR-related. After an Energy Meter and Employeeship process conducted by TMI, the company was successfully turned around.

The Problem

Haugen-Gruppen Denmark is an amalgamation of several companies, and the strategy is to build a strong brand in Scandinavia as part of the Haugen Group Scandinavia.

As is often the case, the merger caused a great many challenges for the company. The combined challenges caused unsatisfactory financial results, and in the wake of this, other challenges arose, which were either work system or HR related, and some of which were beyond what could be expected during a merger.

In the 2nd quarter of 2003, a new managing director was employed and at this point things started to change. A clear market strategy was defined and costs were cut substantially. Consequently, approx. 20 percent of the staff had to be given notice. Already in the 1st quarter of 2004, the financial results had improved by a double-figure million amount.

However, the Haugen Group Denmark did have a wish to get their staff to interact for the future and leave the last ”merger challenges” behind, so that they would be able to focus 100 percent on creating growth and profit for the organisation and its business partners.

With this in mind, TMI was invited to co-operate with the object of optimising the cross-functional co-operation in Haugen Group Denmark.

The Solution

June 2003: Agreement about a training programme in general business competence for both managers and staff.
August 2003: An inspirational presentation based on TMI’s Employeeship concept at the organisation's kick-off meeting.
September 2003: Detailed interview with all managers and staff in key positions followed up by the preparation of a report. Presentation of an action plan for decision-making by the management group. A 2-day management seminar on managerial roles, employee development and coaching.
October 2003: The first Energy Meter process held in the organisation.
November 2003: Workshop and action plan as a follow-up on the result of the Energy Meter process. An Employeeship programme conducted for all staff members.
December 2003: A web-based Energy Meter process held with subsequent presentation and action plan.
January 2004: Final status meeting for the project with the management group.

The Outcomes

Most people know very well when their attitude does not fit in with the environment. So they hide it and when an organisation has been through demanding restructuring, this tactic becomes even more widespread. In such a situation there is a need to open up the dialogue and to get all opinions out in the open, so that the organisation does not operate in an environment with hidden agendas.

The process in itself has been very useful, and especially the cross-functional workshops for key employees have turned out to be very beneficial.

In one of these workshops it became very clear that the challenges experienced during day-to-day life were primarily caused by inadequate communication and consequently misunderstandings – and these misunderstandings originated to a large extent in attitudes formed at a time when they may have been justified, but in 2003 they turned out to be totally wrong.

TMI's open approach, combined with crystal-clear examples and at times an affectionately provocative style, opened up the debate and formed a knowledge base for change.

This knowledge base is still very important to all staff of the Haugen Group Denmark, and there is no doubt that this Employeeship activity in the organisation including the Energy Meter process and subsequent workshop has been one of the reasons for a successful ”turnaround”. For this reason they have decided to run another Energy Meter process in August 2004, which will show in which direction they are moving.

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