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TMI has run many training and education sessions for Folktandvården, the public dental care in Sweden in order for the staff of the clinics to establish good patient relations and good internal relations and thus increase the productivity of the clinics.

The Problem

Public dental care in Sweden - Folktandvården - covers about half of the total dental care in the country. The individual clinics of Folktandvården operate as independent profit centres and the only thing that distinguishes them from private clinics is that they are publicly owned.

This specific case describes a development process for all the clinics (80) of Folktandvården within an administrative region. The total number of clinics in the region was to be reduced and the operations within the remaining clinics to be streamlined, as a consequence of the declining population within the region.

The Solution

TMI presented the TMI service concept and elements from The Employeeship concept during the yearly Dental Care Day, a day when all employees (around 600) in the region come together for information and relevant presentations.

Following the TMI presentation Landstinget (the owner of Folktandvården within the region) decided that a total of ten 2-day Employeeship/Energy Meter sessions were to be arranged. The sessions were arranged in groups of 60 participants from 4-5 different clinics, where day 1 was an inspiration day for the Employeeship concept followed by an energy measurement. Day 2 the Energy Meter results were presented and development plans were established.

The leaders of the individual clinics were then trained separately to ensure the long term integration in the clinics. The results of the Energy Meter were followed by improvement and development plans which were then put into effect in the individual clinics.

The Outcomes

The year following the training undertaken by TMI, Folktandvården in this specific region was appointed Sweden's most profitable Folktandvård in a survey covering the whole country.

In another survey, which measured how the patients perceived the health care, the care of the elderly, the rehabilitation and the dental care within the region, Folktandvården got the highest scores. (The average was 4.4. on a 5.0 point scale.)

The process continues

During 2001-02, TMI was running Employeeship/Energy Meter seminars, training in patient communication and service quality for 14 clinics of Folktandvården in Skåne, as well as leadership training for leaders of all the clinics.

For more information on this case, please contact TMI by telephone: +46 0 4030 3228 or e-mail: Sweden@tmiworld.com

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