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Maximising the introduction of a CRM system at DaimlerChrysler

The Problem

DaimlerChrysler, approached TMI in 2002 to assist them in the implementation of a Pan-European project supporting their new Total Customer Management Strategy, facilitated by the introduction of a company-wide CRM system.

The key challenges were:

  • Management buy-in: achieving congruent actions from senior management and overcoming hesitancy to embrace and live the change.
  • Over-communication: The CRM initiative was in danger of being lost in the plethora of recently formed process teams focused on the "New Retail Experience". Organisational restructuring of dealer network was slowing down or negatively impacting the CRM rollout.

The Solution

The 4-phase corporate change program was designed to engage all levels of the organisation with the CRM Strategy. . Our work was focused on engaging employees with 'CRM' thinking and helping them to understand how to integrate it into the day-to-day ways of working and included:

  • A 3-day 'CRM Best Practice' event for Dealer Managers and Principals
  • 'CRM Uncovered' for Leaders & Managers
  • 'CRM Uncovered' for Customer Facing Employees
  • Software & Soft Skills Training

The Outcomes

The program of events and activities supported by TMI, enabled DaimlerChrysler to embed the CRM practices successfully across the UK and Europe. Specific outcomes were as follows:

  • Personalised service and individual marketing improved external image and contributed to long-term customer loyalty.
  • Differentiation from competitors.
  • Development of a strong quality and customer-orientated culture.
  • Increase in employee loyalty and commitment to DaimlerChrysler as a preferred employer.
  • Improved collaboration internally between teams and across departmental boundaries.
  • Stimulated responsibility and ownership from individuals.
  • Reduced time spent on the operational activities and increased strategic activity.
  • Sensible and manageable quantities and quality of data now facilitates decision-making and planning activities.

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