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TMI has helped Compaq develop its human capital. Through TMI courses/learning processes Compaq technicians have extended their role from being purely problem solvers to embrace consultancy, teaching and sales, thus securing customer loyalty.

The Problem

At Compaq Computers management had long realised that the company's technicians harboured a goldmine of knowledge about potential sales possibilities among the clients. To exploit that knowledge management decided to offer clients service before problems arise in order to minimise them. It functions just like regular car maintenance service says Kevin Christensen, who is heading the department for Business Critical Consulting Services at Compaq Computers. From being purely problem-solvers the technicians have now extended their role to embrace consultancy, teaching and sales.

The Solution

Since the technicians were not geared at being consultants just because management prioritised this role, a new process was started a couple of years ago. The first stage involved the most experienced technicians taking part in a TMI education process in order for them to see the potential for extended sales. TMI's starting point was the enthusiasm among the technicians for the company's products and the aim was to make them see the products as a sales possibility.

The technicians took part in Teamship and Employeeship seminars to prepare them. Later on they took part in a TMI designed module III for Compaq, where the participating technicians learned to use some of their emotional skills in relation to other people; and acquired some basic sales skills. The seminars occurred with a few months intervals and changed the participants attitudes and behaviour. They learned to present a message and criticise in a positive and constructive way.

The Outcomes

The participants got confidence in themselves and found it easier to present the company's products to clients. They were also better able to define the needs and wants of the client and together with the client do it in a very clear and realistic way. That secures both sales of the company's products and happy and loyal customers.
As a side-effect the consultants have also become better at informing internally in the organisation and to share their knowledge with their colleagues.

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