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Specialist Clinic - Norway


Following a TMI Energy Meter survey which was positive, but showed development potential, some major changes were made within the organisation. The second survey showed tremendous improvement even after the clinic had increased its turnover by 50%.

The Problem

Internal conflicts and low productivity led to the decision to undertake an Employeeship Energy Meter survey. The survey confirmed substantial problems as the level in general was very low.

The Solution

The first Energy Meter survey that TMI conducted in December 2001 showed a positive result, but with considerable development potential within Productivity, Responsibility etc.
Following the survey a number of initiatives were started: major changes within the organisation, investment in equipment and education, and the replacement of a few employees.

The Outcomes

The second survey in august 2003 showed a considerably increased and very high result.

During the same period, the clinic increased its turnover by 50%. According to the leading medical superintendent this result was achieved solely due to increased efficiency and a more positive attitude among the employees towards the clinic and the job.

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