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A TMI Employeeship process was held for Cityklinikerna, a specialist clinic in Skaane, Sweden. The process was focused on communication with patients and complaint handling. Before and immediately after the process, a job satisfaction survey was conducted among the employees, the latest of which showed vast improvement on a satisfaction level that was high to start with.

The Problem

A general wish to increase productivity in the clinics and to solve problems in the relationship between nurses and doctors in a few selected clinics brought about a process that lasted several years.

The Solution

The contact to Cityklinikerna was established after TMI had conducted a successful Employeeship process for the private hospital within Läkargruppen in Orebro, Sweden. Cityklinikerna belongs to the same group of companies, comprising nine specialised clinics in Skaane, named Cityklinikerna and Skaanehaelsen.

An equivalent process with focus on the Employeeship concept was held for Cityklinikerna.

A total of 180 persons participated in the Employeeship process, which included an Energy Meter survey. Approximately one year later a new Energy Meter survey was completed with subsequent follow-up activities. At the same time a new training programme was conducted dealing with communication with patients and complaint handling. The survey showed considerable improvement and further development of a satisfaction level that was already rather high.

The Outcomes

The latest survey has shown even greater improvement, which means that the satisfaction level is now extremely high. The challenge is to keep this level.

Of course this vast improvement is due to a great deal of interest in developing an organisation that was already functioning very well. But the success is also thanks to a disciplined and structured follow-up by the management, maintaining the concepts and integrating them completely within the entire company.

In 2002, Cityklinikerna received the quality prize as the best organisation in Sweden within the entire health care sector.

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