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Airways New Zealand


Airways New Zealand was the world's first fully commercial air navigation services company. It is New Zealand's most successful state-owned company, and is internationally recognised as a world-leader for its commercial performance, operational excellence, and leading-edge technological solutions. In 2003 it won a key Services Exporter Award as recognition of its growth in providing consulting services internationally. Airways New Zealand was also recognised as one of the best three Air Navigation Services Providers in the world at the 2003 World Air Transport Summit in Washington.

Since 2002, TMI has worked with Airways to implement a major cultural change in order to build alignment to the long term strategic vision as a leading player in global air navigation services.

The Problem

Aligning people and culture with the strategic vision. The backdrop for this project was a high level of staff dissatisfaction and distrust within a highly technical and skilled workforce and a history of industrial relations problems.

The Solution

  • Build an awareness and understanding of the need for the organisation to change and
  • Create a high level of ownership within the organisation for change initiatives
  • Mobilise the organisation to move forward collectively, and put the past behind it.

This two year process was built around TMI’s four “I”s consulting methodology. A cross functional project team was formed and TMI facilitated and developed this group to drive the process.

  • Investigation – culture survey conducted, focus groups were held around the country for anyone who wanted to attend. Over 50% of the company attended these groups.
  • Integration – focus group information was analysed, the vision of the future and potential values and change management processes were developed
  • Inspiration – 2 day workshops for all staff conducted; proposed values presented and considered in respect to expected behaviours, personal development and communication capabilities
  • Implementation – change initiative teams formed, communication and human resources functions refined to support new culture

The Outcomes

  • A significant improvement in staff satisfaction and engagement. A highly supportive environment for staff where people are significantly more positive, willing to take responsibility and committed.
  • Change initiative infrastructure is now is place. Over 170 ideas have been generated, with over sixty of these being small issues that have been easily addressed and implemented (quick wins)
  • The organisation is now well placed to undertake the challenges of new IT systems and overseas expansion plans
  • Airways consider this process to be central to the business model it is promoting internationally.

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