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The Ultimate Question – Driving Good profits and True Growth  $45.00
Introducing Net Promoter Score - How leading firms transform ordinary customers into promoters.  This bestseller was written by Fred Reichheld.

TMI-SOCAP Complaint Culture Survey: 2005 National Report  $25.00
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Over a Six year period TMI global partnership conducted the Complaints Culture Survey using TMI survey processes.  Over this time, more than 40,000 employees of about 400 organisations participated globally. In Australia alone, over 13,000 employees have participated.  This report contains the results of the 2005 survey and includes the National Average and Best Practice figures of the ten factors that relate to the complaints-handling culture of organisations.  It also contains an Executive Summary, which provides an analysis and presents emerging trends.

A Complaint is a GiftA Complaint is a Gift  $35.00
Customer satisfaction is crucial to the organization's future. An important prerequisite for customer satisfaction is effective handling of complaints. This publication is a practical tool for everyone with customer contact, and for those responsible for developing an organization's complaints policy.


Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Workbook)Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Workbook) $75.00
This workbook is the updated edition for the latest version of Outlook (2003). 


Time Manager for Lotus NotesTime Manager for Lotus Notes -  $75.00
Unlock the potential of Lotus Notes and turn your PC into a unique self-management tool. With over two decades experience in time management, TMI have "panned the gold" from Lotus Notes program. Introducing and explaining TMI's principles for managing time and achieving results, this book demonstrates how to put these into practice using Lotus Notes.


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Branded Customer Service
Time Management and Personal effectiveness
Team and Organisational Development

TMI World Book List

Success in corporate life is about mobilising the energy of all employees to ensure the survival and growth of the company. The book illustrates what is required of both managers and staff to develop that special personal commitment which we at TMI call Employeeship.

A TMI tool box to develop "Teamship" - team spirit and team competence in any team in any organisation.

My Life Tree
A different book about personal development. "My Life Tree" is about what the individual - as a staff member or a manager - can do to achieve continuous, positive development and growth.

Personal Quality
Personal Quality is the basis of all other types of quality. TMI's quality concept focuses on the human side of quality. The bookcontains a large number of concrete methods and exercises to help you develop your own personal quality and to implement a highly effective quality development programme.

Reaching for the Stars
This publication is about team quality which is vital to the total quality of the organisation. It contains tools to monitor and develop the quality of a team's total performance as well as the quality climate of teams.This book is for top managers, team managers, and employees in both the private and the public sectors.

Heart Work
Emotional Intelligence - Improving personal and organisational effectiveness
Heart Work is about achieving better results for individuals, teams and organisations. This book is about improving organisational performance. It is based on TMI's several years of experience from working with culture change in many different kinds of organisations in more than forty countries.

Putting People First
Both a tool and an inspiration for people who want to get more out of their lives as service providers.The book includes lessons on: How you can improve your ability to understand customer expectations. How you can improve the service you provide to others. How to manage difficult situations. How to use body language.

Emotional Value - Creating Strong Bonds with your Customers
This essential guide shows how organisations can leapfrog their competitors by learning how to add emotional value - the economic value of customers' feelings when they positively experience products and services - to their customers' experiences.

Energy Meter
3 TMI tools to measure and improve an organisation's potential for survival and development. The "Energy Meter" is a tool box to be used in an "Employeeship" process and as a supplement to the TMI "Employeeship" book.

Personal Organisation
This is a practical workbook filled with techniques, instructions, check-lists, and inspiration which can help you cut down on stress and make it easier to produce quality results in all areas of your life.

This booklet outlines the "hard" and "soft" rules, which management and staff need to adhere to in order to make the delegation process work.

The Service Era – Leadership in a Global Environment
With “The Service Era” Franco D’Egidio enters the foray in the US market after having had a measure of success in Italy with “Global Service Management” (GSM). The book underlines how and why service excellence is achieved through people.

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